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Simulation training are an integral part to become an expert in surgical skills. In almost every part of the world, people associated with healthcare have to go through simulation training to get their hands on the surgical skills.

Laparoscopy Training Simulator

Laparoscopy Training Simulator

To get better in laparoscopic surgical skills you need to get better with movements and techniques using MediSimu. In the beginning, it is a bit tough to control the movements of needles. As the surgery is sensitive, you need to be very careful and focused while using needles or trainers. To get your hands on MediSimu you need expert training on how to use it properly. There are trainers in all medical places who can help you with that. Besides you can also learn it online using multiple training websites available on the internet as well as Remote Coaching Systems.

We, humans, have limited working memory and we require a great level of concentration to get hands-on this device. The explanation of the procedure to get hands-on MediSimu will help you learn better. Anyhow, we have explained the process through which you can get your hands on MediSimu easily. We have tried to cover almost all parts of the process for your better understanding. 

Laparoscopy Training Simulator

Laparoscopy Training Simulator

MediSimu Laparoscopic Simulator is an exclusive trainer for individuals associated with healthcare. It helps them to prepare, practice, and get better in laparoscopic procedures for FLS or FLS tests. It is a portable machine and it’s easier to practice with it anytime, anywhere.

If the instructor trains the residents directly, it is a good thing. The interaction allows us to build the confidence among the trainees. As they show the performance live to each other it is easy to identify the mistakes and improve instantly. However, this training method is time-efficient as you can ask questions and correct mistakes right away, without wasting any time.

The training protocol consists of three fundamental sessions. That is, Performance Assessment, Coaching by the Instructor or Trainer, and Self-Practice. Also, they can not move to the next steps while following training protocols until and unless they achieve a certain level of proficiency or competence level.

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