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Laparoscopic Maryland Grasper Dissector

Laparoscopic Maryland Disposable Dissector Forceps, ø5x330mm 360° Rotation, for training use only.

Laparoscopic Scissors ø5x330mm 360° Rotation

**FREE - SHIPPING** Laparoscopic Disposable Scissors ø5 x 330 mm 360° Rotation.


CholecystectoSIM is a training model on gall bladder removal. Cholecystectomy training model with a real look, feel and touch of the gall bladder anatomy, includes visual landmarks of the operating surrounding. Its aim is to train and improve skills with the Cholecystectomy procedure. The model can be used as a stand-alone with any laparoscopic training box, and specially design for Medisimu laparoscopic trainer, or with the Liver module to train two trainees together, one elevate the Liver and one do the removal of the Gallbladder.

Laparoscopic Grasper ø5x330mm, 360° Rotation

Laparoscopic Disposable Laparoscopic Tooth shape Grasper ø5 x 330mm, 360° Rotation.