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Home Blog Uncategorized Surgical simulation in phonosurgery

Surgical simulation in phonosurgery

VocaTrainer portable and easy to use simulator

Phonosurgery VocaTrainer is a new simulator for laryngeal microsurgery and the variety of instruments available in the “toolbox” of the phonosurgeon.

The ability to acquire surgical skills requires knowledge of the surgical techniques, the surgical instruments available and consistent practice.
Surgical simulation offers the opportunity for trainees to practice their surgical skills prior to entering the operating theatre. Surgical simulation in phonosurgery is of great importance because of the limited influence of the tutor during the microscopic, endoscopic procedure.
Most of the hands-on courses in phonosurgery use operating microscopes, animal laryngeal models or cadaveric larynges.
Because of the complicated logistics, only limited practice time is available to a relatively small number of participants.
The aim in a workshop or training is to practice and use a portable and easy to use simulator that provides close resemblance to phonosurgery.
In addition, the “toolbox” of the phonosurgeon will be presented and the special utilization of the instruments will be discussed.
trainees will be able to practice on the simulators and to experience phonosurgery with cold instruments on several models of different vocal fold’s pathologies such as cysts and polyps, and get familiar with the common and the more exclusive instruments included in the arsenal of the phonosurgeon.
Surgical simulation is one of the methods through which surgical education has focused on in the last years. Practicing surgical skills with objective assessment and detailed feedback will enable better patient safety and standards of care.

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