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Medical Simulators

training with laparoscopic simulator

Healthcare professionals are now learning medical treatments using cutting-edge educational technology for better understanding and practices.
Medical simulation began in around 1980s, since then it has been evolving. Medical simulation or healthcare simulation is the modern-day practice to train individuals involved in professions related to healthcare.
This practice closes the gap between classroom learning and patient care. Medical simulation allows the individuals to learn, practice, or assess their medical/clinical skills using mannequins, role-playing, dummies, and interactive videos.

In short, we can say that medical simulation technology as a whole allows the clinical situation to be better understood, controlled, and practices and is a reproduction of reality that provides a replication of clinical situations. For example: laparoscopy (which can be done using MediSimu).

MediSimu Laparoscopic Simulator is particularly used for training doctors, students, residents, or medical staff who are looking forward to practice laparoscopy education.  
It is ultimately designed to help the people related to healthcare, in expanding their laparoscopic surgical skills and control. It can certainly aid individuals in preparing for FLS (Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery) assessments.

training with laparoscopic simulator
training with laparoscopic simulator

MediSimu aims to provide a better technology with smart tracking of practices for multiple organisations (be it hospitals, medical colleges and universities, or medical training centres) worldwide.
Not only that, MediSimu Laparoscopic Simulator is a portable device. It contains all the instruments you need to practice your medical skills onto. You can carry it anywhere, any time for practice. You can also connect your smartphone or tablet camera with it to utilize it smartly. You can zoom, snapshot, and record your activity directly. As well as you can analyse your practice after training and seek improvement. Moreover, you can also share your feedback and publish your training progress online in real-time. 

training with laparoscopic simulator
training with laparoscopic simulator

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