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Suture complete Training Kit

**FREE - SHIPPING** Suture complete Training Kit is all you need for practice anywhere, anytime.

Laparoscopic Maryland Grasper Dissector

Laparoscopic Maryland Disposable Dissector Forceps, ø5x330mm 360° Rotation, for training use only.

Laparoscopic Scissors ø5x330mm 360° Rotation

**FREE - SHIPPING** Laparoscopic Disposable Scissors ø5 x 330 mm 360° Rotation.

Laryngeal suture 6-0

Voca Trainer - Laringeal suture 6-0, for training use only.

Laryngeal Scissors- to the Right

Laryngeal Scissors- to the Right, 23 cm, for training use only.

Voca Trainer – Suture model

Voca Trainer - Suture model, for training use only.

Voca Trainer – Polyp \ Abcess model

Voca Trainer - Polyp \ Abcess model, for training use only.