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MediSimu Tablet – Advance Complete Laparoscopy Simulator

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on MediSimu – the ultimate Complete Laparoscopic Simulator. It is perfect for hospitals and other organizations that want to improve the skills of their medical staff. Our web app allows users to track their practice times and monitor their progress, making it easy to achieve self-improvement. MediSimu comes with a 10″ tablet and the “TIME COLLECT” web application, allowing you to collect your training time and monitor your progress with ease. Whether you’re a doctor, student, or resident, MediSimu will help you hone your laparoscopy skills and prepare for the FLS test. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied users worldwide, MediSimu is the ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their skills and take their laparoscopy skills to the next level.

MediSimu – Complete Laparoscopy Simulator

** FREE SHIPPING ** MediSimu offers a comprehensive laparoscopic skills improvement solution. Whether you belong to a hospital, pre-medical school, university, or any medical organization, our web app is designed to help users track and enhance their laparoscopic skills. Whether you're a doctor, student, resident, or part of the OR medical staff, our platform provides the perfect practice environment to prepare for the FLS test and refine your laparoscopic abilities.

Suture complete Training Kit

**FREE - SHIPPING** Suture complete Training Kit is all you need for practice anywhere, anytime.

Laparoscopic Maryland Grasper Dissector

Laparoscopic Maryland Disposable Dissector Forceps, ø5x330mm 360° Rotation, for training use only.

Ingrow nail thumb- Spare Part

**FREE - SHIPPING** Spare Part In grow thumb nail only, for the training kit.

Laparoscopic Scissors ø5x330mm 360° Rotation

**FREE - SHIPPING** Laparoscopic Disposable Scissors ø5 x 330 mm 360° Rotation.


CholecystectoSIM is a training model on gall bladder removal. Cholecystectomy training model with a real look, feel and touch of the gall bladder anatomy, includes visual landmarks of the operating surrounding. Its aim is to train and improve skills with the Cholecystectomy procedure. The model can be used as a stand-alone with any laparoscopic training box, and specially design for Medisimu laparoscopic trainer, or with the Liver module to train two trainees together, one elevate the Liver and one do the removal of the Gallbladder.

Suture Pad

**FREE - SHIPPING** Multi shape Suture Trainer 5" x 5" (12 cm x 12 cm) with realistic skin made of silicone, for practice with Suture on different environments.

Face Suture Trainer

**FREE - SHIPPING** Face shape Suture Trainer with realistic skin made of silicone, for practice with Suture on face environment.

MediSimu – Laparoscopic training box

**FREE - SHIPPING** MediSimu Laparoscopy training box is an affordable tool to use with your own instruments and trainers, with different laparoscopy situations. MediSimu – training box was design to be mobile device to use with your own training models or purchase them from, and improve your laparoscopic skills. We keep this product with low cost and FREE shipment !