Simu.EndoLoop Trainer Tool for Ligating Loop with MEDISIMU simulator

Simu.EndoLoop training tool for practice with Endo loop.
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Simu.EndoLoop is a reusable tool main to be use as a real endoloop.
This Tool, Simulate the knot push when using the Foam2-Fingers Organ element.  Is is a part of the FLS test.

In order to save costs this tool enable you to prepare as much loops as you like, and to practice wiht them in the MEDISIMU training box.
The trainer is for practice on oriented at the laparoscopic environment.

it will help you geting better movement with the laparoscopic tools, and sharp your visual Spatial perception.

Use the followin sample:
1. Place the suture loop inside the hole and pull it into the training box.
2. make your ligating loop, and cut the end of the suture.

The trainer include:
1 X Simu.EndoLoop  / Reusable ø5X330mm



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