MediSimu - Complete Laparoscopic Simulator - Special adition

MediSimu - Complete Laparoscopic Simulator - Special adition was design for the ISA (Israeli Surgical Association). More than FLS - This adition have more than 30 Training outline and all 4 trainers to get ready for the FLS test and moreover, additional trainers for the ISA members. For organizations such as hospitals, we can provide a web app that allows users to gather practice times and track the improvement process. For more information contact us via the contact form The laparoscopy trainer has a 10" tablet and a magnetic card reader for collecting training time. The goal of this Laparoscopy Training Simulator is is to assist doctors, students, residents, and any medical staff who need or want to practice in laparoscopy. It will improve your skills and control, and getting ready for the FLS test. We have a huge experiance with handred of users worldwide.
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MediSimu Laparoscopic simulator design to be mobile for practice anywhere, anytime, and use of your personal cellphone or tablet camera in order to be able to use the adnvantages of mobile device capibilities e.g.: zooming, snapshot and recorder your activity to analyze after the training and get improved.
You can share online to get feedback or publish your training and getting better quality on real time.

The entry point of the instruments are made of a special material that simulate the real tissue feel.

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The success and self improvement is guaranteed !


How to use MEDISIMU.

Medisimu is a Mobile Device, it means that you can use it any time anywhere with your Cellphone or Tablet.

The method of our MEDISIMU usage is to be as simple as can be.
Therefore, we are using a personal device as our display monitor.

The use of your personal mobile device will give you the ability to:

1. Simulate a real OR monitor display, and practice with the eye\hand contact.

2. Overcome any technical issues while you know to operate your personal device better than any other display.

3. Record your activity for ש later on analyze, compare or get a feedback with your Colleagues.

4. Use all features of the mobile device to share and with other Colleagues internal and around the world.
You can share your activity using web applications e.g.: Facebook or skype.

5. In some cases, you will need to change the working angle, for that we add a special Height expander that will change the working angle and actually doublle the whole training possibilities.



The complete kit include:

Laparoscopic Training Box, incl.:

Height/Angle extander
Inside light
10" Tablet
Tablet Carier
Magnetic card reader
Trainers Pocket Carier
Storag Carying box
User manual

Instruments, incl.:

2x Maryland Forceps
1x Laparoscopic Scissors
1x Needle Holder
1x Simu.EndoLoop
1x Surgical Knife
10x Surgical 2/0 Suture

Trainers, incl.:

Simu.Loop      (FLS, ISA)
Simu.Peg         (FLS, ISA)
Simu.Cut          (FLS, ISA)
Simu.OneSuture  (FLS)



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